Listening Points Ministry


LPM is

Listening Points Ministry (LPM) supports leaders and pastors in faith formation and ministry management by providing:

  • A contemplative process of reflection, reaction, renewal, and response for discerning
  • A professional team providing best practices, relevant resources, and spiritual depth for learning
  • A process of guidance, counsel, and instruction for understanding

Listening Points Ministry serves leaders and pastors in small and mid-sized churches and non-profit organizations with a Christian mission

Listening points occur when we find the time and space to stop and pay attention to God’s Spirit.

LPM is founded by Reid Mortensen, Mentor.

Persons LPM Serves

Listening Points Ministry serves leaders and pastors who are open to reflecting on and exploring their Life Questions spiritually, personally, or professionally. The Life Questions may include:

  • Looking for someone who will listen to you?
  • Struggling with a situation, person, or God?
  • Seeking understanding about something?
  • Looking for discernment in life, at church, or with God?
  • Exploring other perspectives on life, church, or God?
  • Trying to be more effective in your current role?
  • Trying to resolve a professional problem?

Cost of Services

Costs will vary based upon role, complexity, and length of service. Hourly and package rates are available. After an initial contact, a one-hour meeting in person, by phone, Skype or FaceTime is free.

Getting Started

To start or for general questions about LPM, contact Reid Mortensen by phone, email or text. We will respond within 48 hours.


When we meet in person, by phone, Skpe or FaceTime, we will:

  • Discuss the nature of your interest in working with me
  • Talk more about our mutual interest in moving forward
  • Identify my role as a spiritual coach, consultant or teacher
  • Discuss cost, expectations, and protocol
  • Make a decision about moving forward

You will also receive a free copy of Lois Lindbloom’s booklet, Is That You, God? Cultivating Discernment as a Way of Life, after our first meeting regardless of any future commitment.

About Reid Mortensen

Listening Points Ministry - Reid MortensenI have spent most of my life mentoring others as a spiritual coach, a consultant, and a teacher. I have worked with individuals, teams, and large groups in these settings: small and mid-sized congregations, small and large school districts, non-profits and municipalities.

My professional positions have included instructor, coordinator, supervisor, and administrator. In these positions I have demonstrated competency in leadership, communication, management, personnel, and budget. These positions have taught me the importance of recognizing individuals, building teams, gathering information, considering options, and evaluating results.

I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, a management certificate from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, and a spiritual direction certificate from the Christos Center for Spiritual Formation in Lino Lakes, MN. I am a life-long learner who believes in finding balance in life and taking time for others and me.

I have journeyed through major life events and transitions that have taught me the importance and need for God and mentors in my life. I believe in the power of one’s life story and the need to intentionally reflect on and respond to God’s Spirit as one’s life unfolds.

My own life story includes chapters on relationships, family, education, careers, health, transition, and spiritual awakening. These life chapters have provided me with self-knowledge and God knowledge that have, in part, transformed my life.

This transformation is an ongoing process that occurs daily, when I mindfully and intentionally stop and pay attention to God’s Spirit. For His Spirit, His Son, and His love, I am eternally grateful and as a result, I am called to share what I have learned from my life story and will learn from others’ life stories.

Reid Mortensen Listening Points Ministry